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5 Vitamins & Minerals For Good Health & Ways to Add Them To Your Diet

Macro-nutrients like protein, carbs, and fat are important to your dietary health, but what about the stuff we do not talk about as much which is the micro-nutrients (or vitamins & minerals) in our food. Today, I am highlighting the five vitamins & minerals we all need for good health plus easy ways to make sure you are getting enough!


Vitamin B-12 – Vitamin B-12 is key for the function of our brain, blood cells, nerves, and more. It also is frequently touted for its energy-boosting abilities. One of the first signs of a B-12 deficiency is low energy. It is only naturally found in animal products, so supplements and fortified foods are often recommended for people who do not eat much of the stuff. You can get B-12 from:

  • clams & sardines
  • beef & liver
  • tuna, trout & salmon
  • eggs & fortified dairy

Vitamin D – One of the most important things vitamin D does is help with calcium absorption, making it integral to keeping your bones strong. Studies have also found it can help reduce high blood pressure. Your body produces vitamin D naturally when directly exposed to sunlight, but if you have been staying indoors more than usual, a little extra might do you good. You can get vitamin D from:

  • salmon, mackerel & other fatty fish
  • fortified milk, yogurt & milk alternatives
  • pork chops, lean ham & other pork products
  • mushrooms exposed to sunlight or UV light

Vitamin C – This one already gets a lot of good press. You know it is important for a healthy immune system, but did you know it can help to prevent Alzheimer’s, iron deficiency, heart disease, and other ailments? It is also good for your skin, since its antioxidant properties can help your body repair damaged cells. You can get vitamin C from…

  • oranges, lemons & more citrus fruits
  • bell peppers & snow peas
  • kale, broccoli & brussel sprouts
  • kiwis & strawberries

Zinc – Zinc is one of those minerals that your body does not produce and cannot store for later, so it is a good idea to consume it regularly. It is also important for a healthy immune system and metabolic function. It also aids wound healing, decreases inflammation, and supports acne prevention. You can get zinc from:

  • beef, lamb & pork
  • oysters, crab & other shellfish
  • chickpeas, lentils & other legumes
  • whole grains like oats & brown rice

Folate – (also known as vitamin B-9) is key for healthy cell growth, which is why it is especially important during pregnancy (since that is a LOT of new cells being grown). But the rest of us need it too! It has been linked to improved brain health, reduced depressive symptoms, and a reduced risk of heart disease. You can get folate from:

  • edamame, tofu & other soy products
  • spinach, lettuce & broccoli
  • beans & lentils
  • avocado & asparagus

Staying healthy is always a challenge every day, so I hope this gives you the information you need to help you incorporate more healthy foods into your diet that will provide you with the essential vitamins and minerals that we all need on a daily basis and until next time, be happy, healthy and beautiful!


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