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Accessory Trends For Fall/Winter 2022-2023

Accessories are often overlooked as a wardrobe category, but they can be a great way to express your personal style and take an outfit to the next level and this is also a fairly inexpensive way to update your wardrobe without doing a complete closet overhaul, so let’s talk about accessory trends for 2022!

But, before you add more accessories to your closet, I encourage you to take a few minutes to look through your accessories and create two piles: things that can be worn this season and you no longer wear. Now when it comes to accessories that you no longer wear, I am not talking about fine jewelry or designer items that were meaningful gifts and never really go out of style. But if you are looking at a drawer full of bubble necklaces, long tassel pendants, infinity scarves, and large stone cluster earrings, it may be time to pass these pieces along to your friends or family or donate.

Also, as some of you may know, having too many clothes can be overwhelming and make it hard to get dressed and having too many accessories can do the same thing and if you have not updated your accessories in a while, they may be dragging you down or making you look dated. Even though the idea of a dated wardrobe item is becoming a dated concept, we still want to avoid getting stuck in a certain time period (I can relate to this!). It’s easy to allow that to happen as we get older, so if you have not edited your accessory wardrobe in a while, taking a good look at your accessories is a great place to start.

Now that you have made some space in your closet, check out my list of affordable and wearable accessory trends that you may want to add to your wardrobe this fall (everything listed is linked and everything is $25 and under)…

#1. Natural Stone & Beaded Jewelry

Minimalism is still the overarching theme with jewelry and accessories, but I am starting to see more color coming back in the form of beaded jewelry and stone accents.


#2. Layered Looks

Layered necklace and delicate bracelet stacks are still trending this season, and there’s a lot of overlap with the beaded jewelry I mentioned in #1.

#3. Modern Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry is having a moment right now, but look for unique shapes and combinations, or layer a string of pearls with a link necklace or pendant for an updated look.

#4. Chain Link & Paperclip Accents

Chain link necklaces and bracelets and paperclip-style accents are still going strong this season. These look great layered with the pearl or beaded pieces.

#5. Belts

Belts have never been out of style, but I am definitely noticing them being worn a lot more this season. It makes sense, as we see more relaxed fit pants and tucked-in tops. Belts add a great finishing touch to a look to an outfit and help define the waist.

#6. Bold Eyewear

I love this trend for ladies over 40 because so many of us need reading glasses, and bold frames are a fun way to add personality to your outfits.

#7. Felt Hats

I am not big into hats (because I cannot find any hat that fits my small head), but they are another great way to elevate an outfit if they align with your personal style.

#8. Hair Accessories & Headbands

Ladies of a certain age should tread lightly with this one; I am personally not a fan, but I thought it was worth mentioning because it’s so big right now.

#9. Socks

Yes, socks are a big accessory for fall 2022! You can really wear them with anything from sandals to sneakers, but it needs to align with your personal style. I plan to stick to more traditional sock & shoe pairings, but it’s fun to wear a print or unexpected color from time to time.

There you go! Trending accessories for fall 2022! What are your favorite fall accessories that you like to wear? Let us know in the comments below and If you liked this post, be sure you are signed up for my email newsletter. In addition to my most recent blog posts, you will receive exclusive newsletter content like weekly updates, special sales, my newest favorite finds, and an occasional peek behind the scenes all delivered right to your inbox and until Wednesday, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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