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Applying Powder Before Foundation

Here’s an interesting foundation tip to try that can hold your foundation in place all day! So here’s the trick…you know how we powder our faces after we put our foundations on to set our make up? Try reversing the order! Apply a light dusting of your favorite loose powder to your face after your moisturizer and/or primer then apply your favorite foundation over your lightly powered face! You will notice that your pores and lines aren’t as visible anymore (since the powder helps minimize their appearance) and your foundation will look flawless and last all day! For those of you that have oily skin or oily t-zone, you may have touch up during the day! I have tried this and it does work! My skin looked flawless and I didn’t have to touch up at all! If you try this, let me know what results you had in the comment box below! Until the next time, stay happy, healthy and beautiful!!


Foundations 1NYC Loose Powder


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