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Beauty Products You Can Keep In The Fridge

Skincare minifridges have been all the rage over the past few years. They are cute, accessible, and look chic in your bathroom or bedroom. A minifridge to hold your skincare products sounds luxurious and expensive but most of the minifridges on the market are relatively affordable and can range from $59 on up to $150. Despite which minifridge you choose, it will do the same thing for your beauty products which is keep them cold. So, what are the benefits of keeping your beauty products cold? Cold beauty products and tools can help decrease swelling, puffiness, and redness. Also, placing certain skincare products in a minifridge can help prolong the shelf life so you can get the most out of your products. Here are some types of skincare products to keep in your skincare minifridge:

Eye Creams, Balms, & Patches

Do you wake up in the morning with puffy, tired eyes (like I do)? There is nothing more glorious than applying a cold eye cream or balm to wake yourself up. The cold will help depuff and wake up your skin while allowing the ingredients to still get to work. You can also leave reusable eye gel patches/masks in the fridge. I like to apply them under my eyes for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Sheet Masks

Just like eye creams and balms, cold sheet masks can help wake you up. If your skin is feeling sensitive, a cold sheet mask can offer extra soothing and refreshing benefits.

Gel Moisturizers

We are never without our moisturizers; it is the foundation of a solid skincare routine. If you want to amplify the cooling factor of your favorite moisturizers, place them in the minifridge. When the moisturizer is cold, then applied to the skin, the blood vessels in your face will constrict and help prevent redness. With a gel moisturizer, in particular, the consistency will cool your skin even better than a traditional cream moisturizer.

Face Mists

Whether you finished a sweaty workout or you are just not feeling your best, a cool spritz of your favorite face mist can give you a mini cooldown, while nourishing your skin with hydrating ingredients.

Nail Polish

I know this sounds strange, but when your nail polish gets a little old, sticky, and tacky, it can be hard to apply it seamlessly to your nails. Sticking nail polish in the minifridge and letting the temperature drop a bit will help prolong the life of your nail colors.

Skin Tools

Storing jade and quartz rollers in the minifridge is not necessary, but they do make the experience more luxurious. Applying a serum, then rolling a cold jade or quartz roller onto your face is a fantastic feeling and it can help calm any redness, swelling and puffiness.

Vitamin C Products

Vitamin C is an overly sensitive skincare ingredient and it has to be appropriately stored. Keeping vitamin C in a cool, dry place away from the sunlight is best; that is why most vitamin C products are packaged in dark bottles. Leave your vitamin C moisturizers and serums in your minifridge to help prolong the shelf life while also making them a dream to apply.

If you do not have a minifridge or the budget to purchase one, you can easily store your skincare products in your fridge in your kitchen. The point is to keep beauty products cold so your skin can reap the benefits. Do you store your skincare products in your fridge? Let me know in the comments below and until next time, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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