Makeup 101

Makeup Monday: Makeup 101: Everything You Need To About Eyebrows (Part 1)

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Tweezing perfect eyebrows to achieve that flawless, face-framing arch can be a tedious (and painful) process. But since fuller brows are in style, you can spend much less time with the tweezers. Follow the tips below to score perfect eyebrow arches at home: Choose the Right Tweezers Choose sharp, slanted style tweezers. Unlike pointy versions, […]

Makeup Monday: Makeup 101: How To Find The Right Setting Powder

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Happy Monday! Today’s installment of Makeup 101 is all about setting powder. Setting powder has many functions: setting foundation, mattifying the skin, absorbing excess oil or diffusing light on the skin. Liquid and cream foundations need to be set after application to help your foundation stay on longer and setting powder gives your face a […]