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    Makeup Monday: What’s In My Makeup Basket For May 2022

    Happy Monday everyone! It has been a couple of months since I have posted what’s in my monthly makeup basket and to be honest, I just have not been feeling like putting on makeup while working from home, so I haven’t, until now! I have missed taking a few minutes for myself each morning to put on a little makeup before starting my workday, so I shopped my stash yesterday and here is what I will be using throughout the month of May: For The Face, Lips & Eyes It has been quite some time since I have used this, so this month I will be diving into Physicians Formula…

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    What’s In My Makeup Basket For February 2022

    This is a new series I am starting where I will be shopping my stash each month and share the makeup I will be using throughout each month. I shopped my stash last week and for the month of February, I found a few products I haven’t used in quite some time as well as one face palette I have never tried, so here is what I will be using throughout the month of February: For The Face I have two face palettes starting with It Cosmetics “Your Most Beautiful You” Palette. This palette has a bronzer, blush and highlighter and I was using this all of the time, but…