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    Do Genetics Impact Weight Loss?

    It seems that some people are easily able to shed unwanted pounds, while others struggle to reduce their weight. While genetics is absolutely a factor in determining the propensity for obesity, scientific studies show that genetics are responsible for a relatively small impact on the ability to lose weight, at only 2-5%. Now, with such a low rate of weight loss attributed to genetics, what are the main factors impacting your weight loss success? Environment Where you live has a significant impact on your weight. At a macro level, consider the obesity epidemic of rich western countries such as the United States versus developing countries. Then consider the average build…

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    Weight Loss Wednesday: Stress Less About The Scale

    Do you weigh yourself every day? Do you worry about even the slightest change in your weight? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you may be too focused on the scale and if you are trying to maintain healthy habits, this behavior can actually be counterproductive, since there are many factors that can cause your weight to fluctuate from one day (and even one hour) to the next. Fluid retention, hormonal shifts, constipation, and even the food you ate right before stepping on the scale can all cause daily weight fluctuations. These variations can be misleading and worrisome if you don’t understand them. For an accurate measurement…