Common Excuses Used For Skipping A Workout & How to Beat Them

You know you should exercise. You know it’s good for your health, your mind and your body. You mean to do it, you really do, but there are just too many things that stand in the way. Or are there? Some excuses are valid such as you were late for work because the baby spit up on you or there was an accident on the freeway and some excuses are, well, just excuses and many of us have a well-stocked arsenal of why we “can’t”. Here are some excuses that are used for missing a workout, and how to overcome them:

“I’m Too Tired”

Of course you are! Being sedentary increases fatigue, making you more tired than if you had done a little exercise and forget those sugary energy drinks! The endorphins that exercise provides are way better than the “wings” promised by an energy drink. People who feel fatigued can gain 20 percent more energy as well as help you be more focused and shorten the time it takes you to fall and stay asleep with regular, low intensity exercise.

“I Don’t Have Time”

Probably the most used excuse, being too busy has successfully kept many people (including myself) out of the gym. But here’s the thing, you aren’t the only one with a full-time job, a family, a home to take care of and laundry to wash. What’s the real difference between you and people who exercise? They make themselves a priority. Remember, a healthier you is a better you and everyone around you will benefit from that. Having a hard time finding time to exercise? Then start planning your day every day. This will help you find time to fit in a spin or Zumba class or a 20-minute walk. You will be surprised how you time you can find to fit in some exercise if you plan ahead!

“Gyms Cost Too Much Money”

Some gyms do cost too much money and some cost $10 a month. But for some, even $10 is a strain on the budget, or what that gym offers doesn’t motivate you. Totally understandable, but still not an excuse. If running on a treadmill doesn’t excite you, try Tai Chi, Zumba, or a spin class. Check out websites like Meet Up to find group activities or YouTube which literally has hundreds of exercise videos, just search, find the exercise video that works for you, and get moving!

“I’m Losing Weight Without Exercising”

Half of you trying to get healthy might understand this excuse. It’s important to remember that proper nutrition is only half the battle. Working out not only helps you shed pounds, but it helps you gain muscle, which in turn ups your resting metabolic rate. That means the new you burns more calories just sitting there than you did before you added lean muscle to your physique.

“I’m Too Out Of Shape To Join A Gym”

Everyone at that gym started there either to get fit or to stay fit. Many were just like you, intimidated by the people, the machines and the mirrors, but here’s the thing, everyone is so involved in their own hang-ups, they aren’t paying attention to you. If the gym feels foreign, make it home. Being there regularly, saying “hi” to the person at the front desk, working out at the same time or taking the same class will start to make the place and the faces in it familiar.

These are some of the most used excuses we all tell ourselves that keep us away from exercising. I hope the tips I have provided will help you start or get back to your workouts, and as always, consult a doctor before starting any exercise program and until next time, stay happy, healthy and beautiful.

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