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Do Genetics Impact Weight Loss?

It seems that some people are easily able to shed unwanted pounds, while others struggle to reduce their weight. While genetics is absolutely a factor in determining the propensity for obesity, scientific studies show that genetics are responsible for a relatively small impact on the ability to lose weight, at only 2-5%. Now, with such a low rate of weight loss attributed to genetics, what are the main factors impacting your weight loss success?


Where you live has a significant impact on your weight. At a macro level, consider the obesity epidemic of rich western countries such as the United States versus developing countries. Then consider the average build of Asian populations like Korea and Japan, where it’s much rarer to find people impacted by obesity. Beyond country, your immediate surroundings impact your ability to lose weight. People who live in major metropolitan areas tend to walk more and drive less than those who live in sprawling suburban areas, where the closest grocery store is a 15-minute drive, as compared to a 15-minute walk.


The choices you make on a daily basis can have an impact on your weight loss success. Getting enough sleep so your body can recharge and exercising on a consistent basis are two simple things that can help you reach your goals. Find ways to reduce stress through simple things that bring you joy such as reading a book, drawing, doing a puzzle, or meditating.

Beverage Choices

What you consume has a direct correlation with weight loss. A truly impactful choice you can make is to wean yourself off of sugary drinks like soft drinks, sweetened coffee drinks, juices and premade smoothies and opt for water or unsweetened flavored or make-yourself fruit infused water instead of all of the calorie laden and sugar filled drinks available on-the-go or a drive thru.


Food Choices

Avoid tempting fast food and instead, choose to cook at home. You will learn how to avoid many processed products and other unhealthy ingredients hidden in fast food. Find some time during the weekend to meal plan and cooking at home has so many benefits such as you will learn new recipes and may begin to develop a sense of pride and a greater appreciation for the food you eat because you made it yourself.

I hope these tips help you with your weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle and until next week, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!


  • Lalita Rudy

    i had dropped six pounds when I went to the doctor yesterday, and that could be due to the fact that I am living where we have three meals served a day.
    I still eat snacks and candy, but not as often or consistently as when I lived with Jack and could have meals whenever I wanted to.
    And no more eating close to midnight like Jack and I always did.
    I sure do miss Jack though. Thanks for these newsletters. I’m not into the makeup tips, but some of the other stuff, I do read.

    • The Glam Budget Lifestyle

      I am glad you are liking my blog posts! Losing 6 pounds is great!! I hope you are adjusting to life living where you are now, it must be hard for you though without Jack. I hope you are doing well and thank you for reading my blog posts!!! 🙂

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