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Money Saving March: Do-It-Yourself Face Masks Made With Ingredients From Your Pantry

Everything seems more expensive these days; food, gas and basic living essentials, pet food, baby care and everything in-between. Even drugstore makeup and skincare are becoming more and more expensive too. We all are trying to survive and get by, so as part of this month’s “Money Saving March” I thought I would share some recipes for at-home DIY face masks and the best part? Most of the ingredients are already in your pantry or refrigerator. So, if you are looking to moisturize your dry skin, brighten your skin or treat acne (or maskne) these DIY face masks will do it all, so let’s get started!

Turmeric Face Mask

Sometimes we need an anti-inflammatory face mask, and this DIY mixture does just that. All you have to do is mix the ingredients together in a bowl, then slather it on your face. Leave mask on for 10 minutes then rinse off. It is that simple and chances are you have most of these ingredients at home. This mask is rich in antioxidants and is the remedy for acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and dark circles. Here is the recipe:

1/2 teaspoon of turmeric

1/2 teaspoon of honey

1-2 tablespoons of yogurt

Brightening Mask

If you have some avocados lying around, you are already a third of the way there with this mask. Mix the avocado with honey and yogurt and you have got yourself a brightening mask. Apply and leave on for 15-20 minutes then rinse off. This mask is great when you are looking for that gorgeous glow. Here is the recipe:

1 avocado

1 teaspoon of honey

1 tablespoon of yogurt

Blueberry Mask

Blueberries make for a killer face mask ingredient. The deep blue color is the result of powerful antioxidants that protect the skin against harmful free radicals. In addition, blueberries are packed with vitamin C, which explains why this super fruit is good for the body inside and out. Once the ingredients are mixed together, leave the mask on for 20 minutes, and then rinse your face clean with warm water. Plus, the honey’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties work hard to defeat acne-causing bacteria. Here is the recipe:

1/3 cup of blueberries

2 tablespoons of yogurt

1 tablespoon of rice flour

1 teaspoon of honey

Nutrient Mask

For this mask, Manuka honey is the main ingredient. You can then add mix-ins of tocotrienols (tocotrienols are perfect if you live in a place that’s lacking in vitamin D), algae powder (algae powder works hard at mineralizing and alkalizing your skin), Shea butter (Shea butter relieves parched skin), and brewed matcha (matcha works to reduce inflammation and even out your skin tone, or you can use brewed green tea). Whatever way you mix it, leave on for 10 minutes, rinse with warm water then moisturize (this mask does require ingredients that you probably do not have on hand, so I have linked where you can purchase the ingredients needed with the best prices possible). Here is the recipe:

2 tablespoons of Manuka honey

1 teaspoon of brewed matcha (or green tea or chamomile tea for sensitive skin)

1 tablespoon of tocotrienols

1 teaspoon of algae powder

1/2 teaspoons of Shea butter

Additional matcha (optional)

Not only are these DIY face masks easy to make, they also are money saving too! What are some of your favorite DIY mask recipes? Let us know in the comments below and until next time, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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