Fall Wardrobe Essentials You Can Find At Any Thrift Store

If you are looking to update your fall wardrobe without breaking the bank (and most of us are), then head to your nearest thrift store to find must have fall staple items without the hefty price tags!

But there are four things you need to do before you head out the door. First you need to go through your closet to see what you have that can be kept and incorporated into your current fall wardrobe, what needs to be donated or tossed out and what you actually need to get through the season. Second you need to write out a list of what you need to buy and set a shopping budget for yourself (planning and budgeting is important. This will keep you on track to only buying what is on your list and keep you from overspending. I also recommend setting a budget using cash if possible. Setting a budget with a credit card could pose a problem with overspending if you are not careful). Third, have a list of all the thrift stores in your area because you may not find everything on your list in one thrift store. You will probably have to hit a few stores to find what you are looking for and fourth, set aside some time to shop because you will be looking through racks and racks of clothes in multiple stores and this will take some time.

Now that you have gone through your closet, have your shopping list written out and budget set, know where your local thrift stores are located and have set aside some time, you are ready to shop and I have listed some fall essentials that may be on your shopping list that can be easily found at any thrift store:

Skirts & Dresses – Whether you are looking for maxis, midis, or minis, you are sure to come across a few good finds as you sift through the racks. Plus, you can snag multiple midi skirts (which are always on trend) for the price of what you would normally pay for one. You will also find dresses in different styles, lengths, colors, and patterns for a lot less than you would pay elsewhere.

Tees – From cap sleeves, short sleeves, 3/4” sleeves or long sleeves, crew or V neck, you can find tees in assorted styles, colors and prints (including band tees which are still trending) for only a few bucks.

Denim – If you are on the search for jeans (any style), denim jackets or denim shirts, look no further than your neighborhood thrift shop. You will find both vintage styles and modern cuts for a fraction of the price.

Blazers – Although blazers are always a classic fall staple, blazers are trending big time this season and you can find different styles and colors at thrift stores that will cost nowhere near what a new blazer would cost at retail.

Sweaters & Cardigans – Now is the perfect time to stock up on cozy sweaters and cardigans before the cool fall temperatures set in, and thrift stores are the best place to start. You can snag a mix of brand names, colors, and materials without going over your budget.

Coats – Pea coats, puffer jackets, leather jackets or full-length trench coats — get prepared for the winter weather ahead of time. You will find the best deals on these usually pricey closet necessities.

Shoes & Boots – You can find some great quality (and sometimes new) shoes and boots at the thrift stores without paying the high retail prices (always check for scuff marks, rips & tears, and how worn the inside of the shoes or boots and soles are before trying on and buying).

Once you are at the thrift store and start browsing through the racks of clothes (and there will be many racks of clothes), check each piece of clothing that you are interested in for stains that cannot be removed with washing, fraying, missing buttons (if the garment is in good condition, missing buttons can be replaced with buttons you may have at home or replace all buttons with new to give the garment a new look if you have the time to do so), rips and tears that cannot be easily mended by hand or with a sewing machine, broken zippers (again, if the garment is in good condition, zippers can be replaced by you or someone you know that has a sewing machine and knows how to replace a zipper) and if you find a garment that is in good condition but a little outdated and you have some sewing experience (or know someone who does) you can take the outdated garment and create a one of a kind piece that fits your style and have people asking you where you bought the garment from. Once you have filled your shopping cart with the items on your list, try everything on before deciding on what you are going to buy and what to leave behind.

Also, you can find good quality, almost new (and sometimes new with tags) clothing for infants, toddlers, and kids at thrift stores too! Kids are constantly growing, and their outgrown clothes are always being donated so finding clothes, jackets, coats, and shoes for young children is a great way to get what they need without spending a lot of money.

I love shopping at thrift store, been doing it for years and at least half of the clothes, shoes and accessories in my closet are from thrift stores. On a recent thrift store trip, I found a pair of Ralph Lauren mules priced at $20, received 50% off because there was a sale going on at the time and only paid $10! You can find almost anything at a thrift store, and I hope these tips help you on your next shopping trip to your local thrift stores and until next time, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!


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