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Flora Bloom Review

Flora Bloom* from Intimate Rose is an all-natural probiotic for women of all ages that can help support digestive, urinary and vaginal health. Each capsule contains a prebiotic, a probiotic, cranberry and lactobacillus strains that all work together to restore balance that will improve your overall health and your life. This does not contain wheat, gluten, soy, eggs, fish or shellfish, peanuts or any tree nuts and is safe for pregnant women.

I don’t have any urinary or vaginal issues, but I do deal with digestive issues pretty much on the daily. I eat a healthy diet and exercise 5 days a week, but despite my healthy lifestyle, I struggle with digestive issues more than I care to admit! I have tried different probiotic yogurts, probiotic drinks and every fiber powder on the market and none of these didn’t work well enough to relieve my constant digestive issues. When I started taking 2 Flora Bloom capsules a few weeks ago, I noticed my digestive issues starting to lessen. I wasn’t feeling as bloated, my body didn’t feel as achy as usual, I didn’t feel like I was carrying around rocks in my gut and I was sleeping a little better. I continue to take 2 capsules everyday to maintain my digestive health and my gut couldn’t be happier (I will be repurchasing another bottle soon, I don’t want to be without this)!

If you are dealing with any urinary, vaginal or digestive issues (or a combination of these issues), I highly recommend trying Flora Bloom to help get your health back on track. For more information or to order a bottle of Flora Bloom for yourself, click here and until next time, stay happy, healthy and beautiful!

*I received this product complimentary from Intimate Rose for testing purposes.

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