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Healthy Low Carb Swaps

Looking for a creative way to enjoy typically carb-heavy foods? Lighten up the carbohydrate load of your next meal with one of these easy and delicious low-carb swaps:

SWAP RICE WITH CAULIFLOWER “RICE” – This is super easy! Just toss raw cauliflower into a food processor and pulse or hand-grate raw cauliflower and you have “rice.” Then steam, sauté or bake until desired doneness and use it like you would rice.

SWAP EGGPLANT SLICES FOR BREAD – Cut them thick, grill them up, and melt your favorite low-fat cheese in between for a delicious spin on a lunch-time classic.

SWAP SPAGHETTI NOODLES WITH VEGGIE NOODLES – Yes, there’s a tool for that called the Spiralizer. It spins the vegetable (in this case a zucchini) toward a blade, slicing it into long, thin noodles. These strands contain hardly any carbs, match the texture of pasta almost perfectly, and take less than a minute to cook in boiling water. You can also use a vegetable peeler or just slice the zucchini into thin strips for a flatter “noodle” then serve with your favorite marinara sauce and toppings and enjoy!

SWAP PORTABELLA MUSHROOMS FOR PIZZA CRUSTS – Don’t top your pizza with this mushroom, use it as the crust for your pizza. Remove the stems and scrape the insides of the mushroom. Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray, place the mushrooms on the cookie sheet and give the cleaned-out caps a quick spray as well then top with thin slices of tomato and mozzarella, and bake at 400 degrees for about eight minutes. Sprinkle a little dried oregano or fresh basil before devouring.

SWAP MASHED TURNIPS FOR MASHED POTATOES – Never tried one of this root veggies? Here’s your chance to give it a try. They mash like potatoes, but contain fewer carbs. Just bring a pot of water to a boil, toss them in, reduce to simmer and cook until tender (about five or six minutes) and prepare as you would mashed potatoes.

I hope this gives you some ideas for swapping high carb foods with healthier low carb alternatives and until next time, stay happy, healthy and beautiful!

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