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How To Apply Press-On Nails

I was one who went to the nail salon for an acrylic fill with gel polish every three weeks for years, and then we had to quarantine, and everything shut down for a few months. I, like many of you who had acrylic nails, have turned to press-on nails (these press-on nails are my favorites and I also use a protective nail guard strip on my nails before applying glue and press-on nails to provide a protective barrier between my nails and the glue and press-on nails). Press-on nails have come a long way and are a really good alternative to salon nails and there are many different styles, lengths, and colors to choose from. When it comes to applying press-on nails, there are a few things you need to do before application which I have listed below so you can get the maximum wear out of your press-on nails:

Sizing The Press-On Nails – Size your nails to the press-on nails. If some are slightly bigger (or you cannot find an exact fit) than your nails, feel free to use the file to shape the sides and cuticle area down and set aside.

Prepare The Nails – A tip to make them last longer is definitely focusing on your prep work. Do not skip out on this part. If you have some length on your nails, cut them down and file rough edges on your nails and push back any cuticle on your nails. Then using the file that comes with the press-on nail kit (or your own nail file) lightly buff the surface of your nails. You want to make sure there is no shine left on your nails because the glue is going to act like Velcro. If the nail is smooth and shiny, the press-on nail will not stick to the nail as well. Once you have buffed all of your nails, cleanse your nails with the alcohol wipe that is included in the kit to get all of the dust off (also, if the inside of the press-on nail looks shiny, lightly buff the inside of the press-on nail to remove the shine and avoid exposing your nails to water 30 minutes before you apply the press-on nails).

Press-On Nail Application – The key is to do one nail at a time. Use the tip of the glue tube and apply a medium-sized dot of glue in the middle of your nail. Then quickly put a dot of glue on the inside of the nail you are about to apply. Be careful, the glue can be runny. Once the glue is on, take the nail and press it down at a 45-degree angle at the cuticle first, then press down onto the whole nail. Gently squeeze your finger and the nail together (you do not want air bubbles) for about 15 seconds and the nail should be set! Repeat on the rest of your nails. Once done, feel free to file off any excess glue or play around with shape. Also, if any nails pop off, you can just glue them right back on.

Press-On Nail Removal – It is best to wait for the press-on nails to come off on their own, between one to two weeks after application, and then re-use if you want. You can also soak your nails in warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes or so to help loosen the adhesive and gently peel the nail off (if the press-on nail does not come off right away, soak and try again until the press-on nail comes off).

I hope these tips help you with your press-on nail application so you can get the longest wear possible and until next time, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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