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How To Clean Your Hairbrushes

Your hair style is just as important as your makeup look and your outfit. There are a lot of options for how to style your hair, but regardless of how you style your hair, the foundation of any haircare regimen revolves around one main tool and that’s a great brush. No matter what kind of brush you use, it’s important to take good care of your tools. Hairbrushes are full of product, oil, dirt and dust, so proper cleaning is necessary for effective styling. Here are some tips for keeping your hairbrushes in their best condition so you have as few bad hair days as possible:

Remove Hair – Removing hair from your brush is simple and it’s the best way to keep it clean and free of any dirt, dust, oil and product. Take the pointy end of a hair comb and run it between the bristles of your brush. This will loosen the hair so you can just peel the hair off the brush. Keep repeating the process if you don’t get it all the first time.

Wash With Shampoo – Just as you wash your hair to remove product and oil buildup, it’s important to do the same for your brushes. Once hair is removed from the brush, use your favorite shampoo to gently wash the base and bristles of your brush. Remember, anything stuck on your brush can be transferred to your hair while brushing, so it’s important that your brushes stay clean!

Air Dry or Blow Dry – Drying your brush with a towel can be damaging to the brush, so to avoid damage, lay your brush flat to dry naturally or use your blow dryer to effectively dry your brush more quickly.

Stay Away From Sprays and Creams – Although product will inevitably get in your brush through use, it’s important to stay away from applying sprays and creams directly onto the brush. It may seem like a good way to evenly distribute product, but it can cause damage to the brush itself.

Repeat Every 1-2 Weeks – A clean brush is the secret to beautiful hair, so be sure to take great care of yours often!

Let me know in the comments below how you care for your hairbrushes and other hair tools and until next time, stay happy, healthy and beautiful!


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