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Money Saving March: Spruce Up Your Workout Wardrobe For Spring/Summer On A Budget

Longer days and rising temperatures may be all you need to jumpstart your workouts this spring. But if you are still finding it a bit of a struggle to make exercise a priority, a little retail therapy may be just the motivation you need. There is nothing like a new pair of athletic shoes or a light spring jacket in your favorite color to put a little extra spring in your step, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank (hello Walmart, hello Target), but a new item or two can help you look and feel your best during your workout (whether you are an exercise newbie or a seasoned fitness buff), so here are some tips to help you shop for new workout essentials for spring:

Sports Bras

Look for a sports bra that is made with a little bit of Lycra (but not too much) for extra stretch, and with wicking material to soak up moisture and keep you dry. Many women like a supportive bra with a T-back or racer-back design that will prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulders and don’t just guesstimate your size, be sure to try on the sports bra before you buy it. Once you find a bra you like, you may want to pick up a few in a variety of jazzy colors (this sports bra, comes in a 2 pack. $14.96)

Comfortable Pants

Workout pants should be lightweight and made with moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. They should also be loose enough so that you feel comfortable. Look for a pair that can be worn as long pants or adjusted to fit as capris. Assuming you work out in the early morning or in the evening, pick up colorful or light-colored workout pants with reflective material so you will be visible. If you do yoga, keep in mind that wide-leg yoga capris can also be used for walking and other cardio activities (these sweatpants are perfect for early morning or late evening outside workouts. $7.98).

Athletic Socks

If you spend a little more for good socks, you will not be sorry, since they help protect your feet from blisters. Socks made from polyester or acrylic are recommended since they wick away moisture. Avoid 100% cotton socks, since they will not keep your feet dry, and buy all your socks in the same color so you can mix and match if a sock or three are eaten by your dryer or dog (I love these socks from Tommie Copper & come in a 3 pack. $9.88).


Athletic Shoes

If you like to walk for exercise, opt for a walking-specific shoe that is flexible and made with breathable mesh. The best walking shoes don’t add a lot of bulk and can provide the right support for your feet. Check that they have what’s known as a semi-curve (the shape of the outsole) with soft cushioning. Avoid buying rocker bottom-type walking shoes. While some people feel that these shoes encourage them to get out and move more, they can aggravate chronic hip and back problems and have not been proven to be any better than conventional walking shoes. If you prefer to bike, jog, or play tennis, buy a shoe that is specific to that sport (I love to walk/jog sometimes and though on the more expensive side, I love Skechers running shoes, but these Avia Elevate Athletic Shoes have a memory foam insole, breathable mesh and are a great buy. $19.98).

Spring Jackets

A waterproof jacket offers protection from wind and rain. Just make sure it’s light and loose enough so you can add layers of clothes under it, depending on the weather. Of course, you will want to buy one in your favorite happy spring color! If you opt for a waterproof pullover hoodie, choose one that has a wide V-neck that lets you remove it easily if you grow too warm and that also has deep pockets to hold your keys, phone, and other small essentials. Both the pockets and the hood can lend extra warmth if the unstable spring temps take a downturn and a special slot in the jacket that lets you string your earbud through is useful, too (this lightweight jacket is great for those outside workouts no matter what time of the day it is. $22.79).

Gym Bags

Even if you don’t go to the gym, it’s great to have a bag to stash all your workout-related gear so you don’t have to hunt for it when you are ready for some exercise. Choosing a water-resistant material will help protect your bag from spilled water bottles and shampoo. Other features to check for include padded straps, a special cell phone pocket, a pouch for dirty laundry, and interior mesh pockets to separate all your stuff (this expandable gym bag is just right for carrying all your gym essentials or for traveling. $19.95).

You definitely do not have spend a lot of money to update your workout wardrobe for spring and summer. I hope these tips and recommendations help you to spend wisely and until next time, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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