My Favorite Things From Amazon

We all have ordered a thing or two from Amazon. Ordering from Amazon is convenient (whether online, smartphone app or from your Amazon Echo device), you can order pretty much any product you can think of and you can receive your order within two days if you are an Amazon Prime member (if what you want to order is offering Prime shipping). I love when I find what I am looking for on Amazon, so here are a few of my favorite things from Amazon:

Whitmor Adjustable Rolling Garment Rack

This is a great basic clothing rack! I use it for extra space when there isn’t room in my closet, I use it when I am rearranging or cleaning out my closet, I use it as a clothing drying rack, I use it to put outfits together for a day or night out, I use it to plan outfits when packing for a trip and I use it when I need to steam my clothes too. I love the convenience this clothing rack provides and recommend it if you are looking for a basic garment rack.

Secura Handheld Fabric Steamer

I had no idea what I was missing until I ordered this! I was using the traditional ironing board and steam iron when I needed to get wrinkles out of my clothes. I have since given these away because steaming with this is so much more convenient, easy and take just a few minutes to steam away wrinkles and refresh my clothes (this is also great for resellers selling clothes on apps like Poshmark). I will never go back to ironing again and highly recommend this steamer!

Oxo Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

A few months ago I was slicing an avocado and sliced my index finger with the knife I was using. In all the years I have been slicing avocados, I have never almost cut my finger off! I told my sister what I did, and she told me about this avocado slicer and sent it to me. I was amazed at how easy it sliced the avocado length wise with the plastic blade, pitted the avocado with the pitter and sliced up the avocado by pressing the slicer into the avocado. I had no idea this existed, but glad I have it and definitely recommend this!

ToBeoneer Universal Desk Stand (for all smartphones & tablets)

I ordered this on a whim, and I love it! It’s great when I need to be hands free for speaker phone or face time calls, when I need to be hands free for Instagram stories, Instagram lives or filming for IGTV and you can charge your device while using your device at the same time. Glad I bought this and recommend this!

Flippy Soft Pillow Lap Stand (for iPads, tablets, eReaders, smartphones, books & magazines)

I use this constantly while sitting on the couch or in bed. This makes using my iPad and reading so much more comfortable and enjoyable too. If you are tired of being uncomfortable while using your tablet or reading, then I recommend checking this out!

Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket By Sharper Image

If you deal with anxiety, restlessness or just can’t fall asleep, a weighted blanket may help. I deal with anxiety and have a hard time getting to sleep most nights. The first night I used the blanket, I felt like I was in a weighted cocoon and it was an uncomfortable feeling, but as I continued to use the blanket, I began to understand the purpose of the blanket. The weight of the blanket helped to calm me and keep me in one place so I could fall asleep and stay asleep. Weighted blanket comes in 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 or 25 pounds (I have the 10lb blanket). The weight of the blanket you choose will depend on your body weight (70-90lbs, 10lb blanket, 90-150lbs, 15lb blanket, 150-200lbs, 20lb blanket, 200+lbs, 25lb blanket. There are weighted blankets available for toddlers 2-6yrs, 30-40lbs, 5lb blanket and kids 7-10yrs, 40-70lbs, 7lb blanket. WEIGHTED BLANKETS ARE NOT RECOMMENED FOR BABIES). My weighted blanket has helped me so much, I will not be without it and highly recommend!

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Speaker w/Alexa & Dolby Processing

I saved the best for last! My most favorite Amazon item is my Amazon Echo! “Alexa start my day” starts my day by turning on my lamp (with connected wi-fi lightbulb or connected smart plug), tells me the weather and tells me something new for the day, she creates my shopping and to-do lists, she plays my music from my Amazon playlist or Sirius XM (Sirius XM subscription required), she can tell me the news, she answers most questions when asked, she even protects my home while I am gone with Guard. There isn’t anything that Alexa can’t do (well, almost anything) and now I am lost without her (especially when the internet goes down or the power goes out) and I highly recommend “Alexa” for those who want a little technology in their lives!

These are my favorite and most used things from Amazon. What are your favorite things from Amazon? Let me know in the comments below and until next time, be happy, healthy and beautiful!

*This blog post is not sponsored. The links listed above are affiliate links. You are under no obligation to use the links, but if you do, thank you and I appreciate your support!

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