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Nail Polish Trends For Fall 2023

Fall is not that far away, so what better time to check the nail polish colors that are trending for fall 2023. Here are some options that, in my opinion, are the most wearable, affordable, and available for everybody…


Bright green nail polishes are coming back this season, so if you want a bold but elegant color for your nails, try any emerald color available and you can add some glitter for a more fun look (like this one from Sally Hansen’s Good. Kind. Pure. Nail Polish Charcuterie Desert line in the color “Matcha Green” Ulta $9.99).

Light or Dark Greys

Grey tones might not be for everyone, but they can be elegant and easy to apply and combine. Light or dark greys are in this season, and you can add a little sparkle for a more sophisticated look (like this one from Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry line in the color “Extrava-Grey” Ulta $6.99).


Caramel colors are a must this season, from dark to light shades, this color is perfect for fall, and you can also mix it with other shades for more fun and elegant looks (like this one from Pacifica Plant Magic Nail Polish in the color “Ojai” Ulta $10).


With the release of the Barbie Movie, pink shades are a must for summer and fall. So many shades are available from dark, bright, light, and sparkly colors that you can create beautiful combinations with your manicure (like this one from Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry line in the color “Pink Blink” Ulta $6.99).

Pumpkin Oranges

With fall comes pumpkin lattes, Halloween, and pumpkin orange nails that can be pretty, fun, and wearable for fall (like this one from Sally Hansen’s Good. Kind. Pure. Nail Polish Charcuterie Desert line in the color “Carrot Cake” Ulta $9.99).


Wine nails are a classic during fall (of course). I think this shade is one that should be worn a lot during the season because it is sexy, pretty, and goes with everything (like this OPI Infinite Shine Long-Wear Nail Polish in the color “Bogotá Blackberry” Ulta $13.99).

Navy Blues

If you like bold colors, this shade is for you. Navy Blue can be intimidating, but at the same time, it is an elegant and unique shade that looks beautiful during the fall (like this OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener in the color “All Night Strong” Ulta $19.95).


I have a red wine listed in this post, but I also want to include a shiny, bright red for this season. Candy red is a beautiful and versatile shade that can be used any season and looks gorgeous on everybody (like this Zoya Nail Lacquer in the color “Hannah” Ulta $12).


Last but not least, neutrals are a must! Neutrals shades have been on trend all year, so it’s not surprising they will continue being a go-to during the fall season. If you are into more classic, simple nails, look for all of the available neutral shades (like this OPI Nail Lacquer in the color “Put It In Neutral” Ulta $11.49).

These are the fall nail polishes for fall 2023 that I think are perfect for everybody! What are your favorite nail polish colors to wear for fall? Let us know in the comments below and until Wednesday, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!


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