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Refresh Your Makeup Bag & Makeup Looks For Spring

The moment the weather starts getting warmer, we start changing the colors we wear. Whether it’s our wardrobe, our makeup, or our accessories, we just can’t wait to have an excuse to try out different tones that suit the season! While you are swapping out makeup products (and maybe even treating yourself to a new lipstick or eyeshadow palette) try to make sure to refresh your whole makeup bag first. After all, spring cleaning doesn’t have to apply to just your home (which I have been doing for the last two weeks)! So, if you are interested in overhauling your makeup bag for the spring as well, here are some helpful tips and advice to leave your makeup feeling fresh and ready to go!

Declutter & Toss Out Expired Makeup Products

Let’s admit it, we are all guilty of keeping makeup products much longer than their expiration date. Of course, no one’s going to throw out an entire full product that’s barely been used and is only a few weeks past its prime, but perhaps it’s time to get ruthless with some of the makeup you have been holding onto for a really long time and toss them out and replace if necessary.

Sanitize the Makeup You Are Keeping

Now that you have sorted through your whole makeup bag and thrown out makeup that has expired or way too old, it’s time to freshen up and sanitize what you are keeping. Start by taking a makeup wipe and wiping down the exterior and interior of your palettes and other makeup. Then spray 70% isopropyl alcohol over all of your powder makeup and lipsticks and allow to air dry completely before closing up and putting back into your makeup bag.

When Replacing or Buying New Makeup for Spring, Keep it Affordable

Just because a makeup product is inexpensive, doesn’t always mean it’s cheap in quality! There is absolutely nothing wrong with pinching a few pennies (and who isn’t pinching pennies these days), and there are some amazing makeup products at the drugstore that is just as good as or even better than their high-end counterparts, so the next time you are at the drugstore, cruise the makeup aisles and refresh your makeup bag with some affordable, great quality makeup.

Be Bold With Colors

Now is the time to get creative with bold eyeshadow looks! The spring months leading into summer are the perfect time to try out some bright hues and spring like tones that will reflect the colors of spring all around you and having you look spring ready.

Switch to Lighter Coverage For The Face

Now is the time to put away your heavier winter foundations and switch to a lighter foundation, tinted moisturizer, skin tint, BB cream or CC cream (if you need a little more coverage without the heaviness) for a more natural, luminous look that lets your skin breathe.

Use Bronzer

Back in my younger days (the 70’s), we did not use bronzer (hard to believe, but it’s true). When bronzers started trending (about 10 years ago), not only did we not place bronzer properly on the face, but we also ended up looking just a little bit orange too! Well, bronzer is back in a big way with new formulations and no more orange splotches all over our faces and application of bronzer is easier now with makeup brushes designed specifically for bronzer (or contour). Whether you choose powder or cream, radiant or matte finish, bronzer is here to stay so your skin can look sun kissed for spring without the harmful UV rays!

Use Peachy Colors For Warmer Skin Tones For Eyes, Cheeks & Lips

No more winter makeup shades because spring is here and nothing says spring like a peachy toned makeup look for those of you (myself included) with more of a neutral warm, medium warm or olive skin tones that will give you warm spring vibes.

Use Pinky Tones For Eyes, Cheeks & Lips

Just like peachy spring makeup looks are great for those who fall into the neutral warm to olive skin tone category, there are pinky toned blushes, eyeshadows and lip products for those of you who have fair to lighter skin tones that will have you saying hello spring with your makeup look.

Bold Eye Lashes

Whether you like all volume, all length or a combination of both, bold lashes are in and there is such a wide variety of mascaras on the market from drugstore to high end, there is mascara out there just right for you and if you are feeling a little daring, try a colored mascara in shades like burgundy, green or sapphire to kick up your spring eye look a notch.

Do you have awesome tips or tricks for adding spring colors to your makeup routine, refreshing your makeup bag, or helping yourself look your best now that warm weather is here? Let us know in the comments below, and until Wednesday, be happy, healthy, & beautiful!

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