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Simple Steps To Eat Smarter

Deciding to start a healthy-eating routine can be daunting. Many people choose to redo their entire lifestyle and then give up a few weeks later (I am guilty of doing this more than once). Forget the all-at-once approach, and read my step-by-step guide to making smarter choices everyday…

Step One: See Where You Are Starting Out

For the next week, write down everything you eat and drink without making any real changes (you do not need a fancy food journal; any basic notepad will do). This will give you an idea of what you are eating and drinking throughout each day so you can figure out the pitfalls you would like to avoid, the foods that trigger munchie madness, the mealtimes that give you the most trouble, etc. From there, you can dive in and find solutions.

Step Two: Create a Plan

At the end of the week, look over your food journal so you can see what you ate and drank during the week so you can figure out what healthy changes you would like to make, then spend some time looking at the week ahead and deciding what you need in order to eat healthier. Next, write out your healthy meal & snack plan and your shopping list (make sure to stick to it) and head out to the grocery store and stock up.

Step Three: Weekend Prep

Filling your fridge and pantry with healthy staples is a great start, but let’s make things a little easier. Bake up some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies for breakfasts in a hurry (add a piece of fruit with the cookies and you are good to). Throw together a few protein-packed salads for ready-to-eat lunches. Cut up a bunch of veggies so you are more likely to cook a healthy stir-fry after a long day at work. Planning and prepping for the week ahead will help you stay on your healthy eating plan.

Step Four: Take the 80/20 Approach

Lapses will happen (and that is okay), but do not let them turn into a relapse. This is where a lot of people fall off the healthy-eating bandwagon. The 80/20 rule is all about sticking to smart healthy choices 80% of the time and loosening the reigns 20% of the time. If you overdo it one day, resist the urge to beat yourself up or restrict your calories like crazy to try and make up for it. One day is not going to make or break you. Just get back to basics the next day!

Whatever your plan is, remember do not try to change everything all at once! I have done this and became restrictive with what I ate and finally gave up. Start by making small changes, for example, your first week you can concentrate on increasing your daily water intake. The next week concentrate on adding more fresh veggies or fruit and so on and before you know it, you will have more healthy eating habits in your routine and be well on your way to living a better, healthier life and until next time, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!


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