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Simple Steps to Improve Your Health In 2023

2023 is here and with the rush of the holidays behind us, we can now turn to the future, to set goals and visualize how we want the new year to look for us and the beginning of a new year is an ideal time to reset habits and make more intentional decisions about our future, including how to improve our health. Making small shifts that can lead to greater results is an easy and approachable way to start. Setting achievable daily goals that slowly change our behavior over time may lead to more sustainable outcomes, so here are a few simple steps to help you improve your health that you can start doing today:

Stay Hydrated

Water is essential to our health for a number of reasons. Good hydration helps us keep a clearer mind, maintains our body temperature, and aids in ridding our body of waste. If you find it difficult to remember to drink enough water, try carrying a refillable bottle with you wherever you go. Try doubling up, when you go to get a glass of water, fill, and drink the entire thing, then refill the glass and bring it back with you to your desk, the coffee table.

Track Your Calories

Being mindful of the quality of the food we eat is essential to understanding our eating patterns and identifying where we can make changes and improvements. Tracking what you eat helps you uncover eating patterns you may not have been conscious of. Looking at the quality of your food that you eat is a crucial component to making more healthful food choices, so remember to look at the quality of the food along with calorie counts.

Get Exercise

Our bodies are meant to move! In the modern digital age, the majority of humans are sedentary, especially those who work from home or sit at a desk all day. It’s important to get exercise for many reasons—it improves cognitive and brain health, strengthens your muscles & bones, and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. If you are someone who doesn’t exercise regularly, start with small, manageable changes to your day—set a timer to go off every hour and when it does, stand up. Move back and forth to get the blood moving, do some light stretching, or even march in place for 30 seconds. At lunchtime, take a walk around the block to stretch your legs, get some sun, and breathe in some fresh air.

I hope these tips help you get a jump start on improving your health in 2023. Do you have any small, helpful tips you want to try this year? Share with us in the comments below and until next week, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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