What Is Color Correcting?

There has been a lot of talk about color correcting lately. While many of us know what color corrector colors to use on our the face, there are those of you who don’t know what color correcting is let alone which color corrector colors to use on your face. In a nutshell, color correcting is basically using different colored concealers to cover dark circles under the eyes, redness on the skin or brightening sallow skin. You can find color correcting concealers in cream, liquid and stick formulations. Listed below are the main color corrector colors that are used on the face:

  • GREEN: Minimizes redness. Perfect for rosacea, acne, sunburn, broken capillaries.
  • PURPLE: Counters sallow (yellow) undertones. Perfect for correcting yellow foundations or skin tones.
  • CARAMEL: Counters ashiness. Perfect for medium-dark skin tones, warming golden tones.
  • BLUE: Adds radiance. Perfect for brightening porcelain and fair skin tones.
  • YELLOW: Counters purple or lightens darker skin tones. Perfect for concealing dark circles or purple bruises.
  • PINK: Brightens fair to medium skin tones. Perfect for brightening yellow skin tones.

Currently I am liking the L.A. Girl Pro Sculpt Concealer Palette ($14, in shade “Light”). There are three palettes, Light, Medium, and Dark. There are eight color correcting shades, and you can use these palettes to conceal, color correct, define, and brighten. These palettes also contain Shea butter, cloudberry seed oil and camellia seed oil to keep skin hydrated and is paraben free and not tested on animals. I like that I can custom blend shades to create the right custom color for what needs to be dealt with on my face on any given day.

I hope this helps you understand what color correcting is and helps you when you are shopping for color correcting concealers and until Wednesday, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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