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What’s In My Makeup Basket For February 2022

This is a new series I am starting where I will be shopping my stash each month and share the makeup I will be using throughout each month. I shopped my stash last week and for the month of February, I found a few products I haven’t used in quite some time as well as one face palette I have never tried, so here is what I will be using throughout the month of February:

For The Face

I have two face palettes starting with It Cosmetics “Your Most Beautiful You” Palette. This palette has a bronzer, blush and highlighter and I was using this all of the time, but was finally set aside to try other face products and second is the Too Faced Natural Face Palette that has two bronzers, two blushes and two highlighters and I have never used this, so looking forward to testing this palette out to see if I like it and if I don’t by the end of this month, I will declutter it.

For The Eyes

I have two Coloricon eye shadow palettes from Wet n Wild, “Comfort Zone” and “Nude Awakening”. These palettes are great! The pigmentation is great, the shadows blend easily with little fallout, and it has been a hot minute since I have used these palettes, so it’s time to give these eye shadow palettes some love.

For The Lips

I am a lip product addict! At one time I had around one hundred lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and tinted lip balms combined at one time. I have since decluttered the majority of the lip products I had and now I have a much smaller collection and I found these MAC lipsticks that I forgot I had, so now they are in my makeup basket this month. I have the shades “Crème In Your Coffee” (creme sheen), “Spirit” (satin) and “Cosmo” (amplified) and I am definitely looking forward to using these again.

That is what’s in my makeup basket this month! I will be using these products along with the products in my 2022 project pan makeup basket and create “Makeup of the Day” looks to post on Instagram throughout the month, so make sure you are following me there (click the Instagram icon at the top of this page) and until next time, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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