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Which Is Better Wednesday: Walmart’s Equate Beauty Brand vs. Brand Name Beauty Products

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have been comparing some brand name beauty products that I purchase regularly and love with Walmart’s Equate Beauty brand. Some of Walmart’s beauty brands were okay and some I have switched to because they are just as good the brand name beauty product, so let’s get into the comparisons starting with skin care:

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser $12.08 for 12 oz.I love this cleanser and I have been using this for years. This is great for my dry, sensitive skin and leaves my skin soft after cleansing (Not the best makeup remover, so if I am wearing makeup, this is my second cleanse).

Equate Beauty Hydrating Cleanser $5.42 for 12 oz.This cleanser really surprised me! It performs just like the CeraVe cleanser. This is also great for dry, sensitive skin and my face was not dry after cleansing my skin (also not the best makeup remover). I have switched to this cleanser because I really do not see a difference between the two and this cleanser is also half the price!

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM $13.97 for 3 oz. – This is another CeraVe product I have been using for years too. This has ceramides, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid and I use this twice a day, this is a staple in my skincare routine.

Equate Beauty PM Ceramide Moisturizing Lotion $7.12 for 3 oz.As with the Equate Beauty Cleanser, this facial lotion surprised me too! This lotion’s main ingredients are the same as CeraVe and performs the same too, so I have switched to this facial lotion because it’s just as good and is half the price! Now on to body care…

Johnson’s Aloe & Vitamin E Baby Oil $5.37 for 20 oz. – I have been putting baby oil on my body before getting into the shower for years now (it helps keep my skin hydrated while showering, especially in the winter). I have repurchased over and over again because I love it.

Equate Baby Hypoallergenic Aloe & Vitamin E Baby Oil $3.98 for 20 oz. This baby oil is pretty much the exact same as the Johnson’s baby oil and costs less too. I did not notice a difference between the two, so I switched to this baby oil.

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash w/Shea Butter $6.47 for 22 oz.This body wash has been my go-to for what seems like forever and whenever I decide to try something new, I always go back to this body wash. Softens my skin in the shower and I do not feel dry when I step out of the shower. Love this body wash!

Equate Beauty Total Moisturizing Body Wash w/Shea Butter $3.47 for 23.6 oz. – This body wash is good! This does everything the Olay body wash does and my skin feels hydrated, but not as hydrated as the Olay body wash. However, I do buy this when the Olay body wash is sold out (which seems to be every time I go to buy it), but my choice is the Olay body wash.

Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Body Lotion $9.77 for 20 oz. – I have been using this for a long time. This lotion moisturizes my skin like no other (especially in the winter). This has an advanced ceramide complex and is my all-time favorite!

Equate Beauty Ultra Moisturizing Extra Dry Skin Lotion (this product was not available on the Walmart website as I was researching and writing this blog post) – This lotion has a ceramide complex also and I really like this body lotion, but the consistency of this lotion compared to the Curel is not the same and I feel that it is not as moisturizing as the Curel lotion, so for me, I prefer the Curel body lotion over this one, but I will buy this lotion when the Curel is sold out.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter $3.98 for 7.5 oz. – I have been using Vaseline petroleum jelly on my feet morning and night for most of my adult life. I apply then put socks on, so my feet stay as moisturized as possible and I also “slug” my face with this at night too.

Equate Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly $2.53 for 7.5 oz. – There is no difference between the Equate brand and the Vaseline brand. Both do exactly the same thing for my feet and when I slug my face at night, so I switched to this one.

I will say that I was surprised that I really liked and switched to the Walmart Beauty brands mentioned above. I am glad I did this because I found some really great beauty products and I no longer have to spend more money on the brand name counterparts! If you want me to continue testing Walmart’s Equate Beauty brand against brand name beauty, let me know in the comments below and until next week, stay happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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