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Willpower Is Overrated

Are you struggling to eat healthy or exercise regularly? Don’t blame your willpower. Successful people don’t have more willpower than you do. They simply know how to plan out what they want and that makes hard things easier for them to do and you can do it too! I have listed a few simple things you can do that will help you out, no willpower required:

Quit Drinking Soda

Start with not buying any sugary drinks for home consumption. This requires no willpower at all. Instead buy alternatives such as carbonated water or flavored water or don’t buy any drinks at all. Instead, have a cold bottle of water ready in the fridge. This way, even when you crave an ice-cold glass of your favorite sugar-water, you won’t have to use willpower to not drink it and you will hydrate yourself with something much less damaging to your health.

Workout in the Morning

At bedtime, lay out all your workout clothes next to bed (I do this every night), so that you don’t need to do too much thinking when you wake up. Go to sleep knowing that your mission for the morning is simple which is put on your workout clothes and once you are dressed, you will feel the urge to do some physical activity. Maybe few squats, perhaps a plank, maybe even a short walk or run and just like that, you have done something with your body.

Eat More Greens & Vegetables

You can make this a daily healthy habit by adding spinach or kale to your morning smoothie or scrambled eggs, adding a salad or fresh veggies with lunch, for an afternoon snack, cut up carrots and celery sticks along with a small side of hummus for dipping, add steamed or roasted fresh veggies with dinner, you can even munch on fresh vegetables while watching your favorite TV shows. Whatever is easiest for you, just make sure you are incorporating greens and vegetables into your everyday healthy eating plan.

Burn More Calories

Instead of meeting your friend at the local coffee shop to catch up, set up a meet and walk at the park, or in a nice neighborhood, and walk and talk. Before you know it, an hour has passed and not only have you had a nice conversation with your friend, but you also moved your body at the same time, it’s a win-win for you and your friend.

There are endless ways you can work around willpower and motivation. Take the time to see what hacks you can put in place to help you do what you need to and until next time, be happy, healthy, and beautiful!

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