Motivational Monday

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    Motivational Monday: Calming Teas To Soothe Your Anxiety

    It goes without saying, this year has been a stressful year for all of us and with the holidays fast approaching, it has never been more important to prioritize our mental health and as we desperately search for stress relief, it can be easy to overlook our herbal allies. A hot cup of soothing tea can do wonders to take the edge off anxiety. Plus, certain tea blends are known to target the nervous system, which helps decrease stress hormones. Brew a cup or two a day as part of your self-care routine and sip your way to lower stress levels. Listed below are some teas that can do just…

  • Motivational Monday,  Self Awareness,  Self Care

    Motivational Monday: Tips To Help You Manage Stress, Minor Anxiety & Mild Depression

    I think it’s safe to say that we are definitely living in uncertain times. From the increasing cost of food to high gas prices and cost increases everywhere in-between and many of us are not only feeling the pinch (no matter how we try to make ends meet), but we are also feeling more stressed, anxious, or depressed as each day passes which can make you feel unproductive, unmotivated, or lost. Now with all of that being said, I think it is very important that we take care of our mental health (just like taking care of our physical health is very important too), so I have come up with…